Day: October 13, 2014

North Korea News Today

Kim Jong Un Returns from Hiatus: Korean Central News Agency Posts Pictures of Field Guidance

Korean Central News Agency Releases Report of Kim Jong Un Delivering Field Guidance to Newly Built Wisong Scientists Apartment Complex Kim Jong un reportedly delivered field guidance to construction workers building the Wisong Scientists residential complex. This news was likely released in order to quell rumors of his death or overthrow. Kim had remained out […]

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Slavoj Žižek On Buddhism and Capitalism

Slavoj Žižek. The Buddhist Ethic and the Spirit of Global Capitalism Slavoj Žižek offers his opinions as to why Buddhism appeals to CEOs and entrepreneurs around the world as a guiding philosophy in their life and in the market. Using market dynamics and philosophical constructs, Slavoj Žižek attempts to explain the ontological reasoning and appeal […]

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Survival Horror Video Games
Video Games

Resident Evil Zero (Gamecube) Full Playthrough

Resident Evil Zero (Gamecube) Full Playthrough by YouTube Gamer TheInnocentSinful1 Nintendo Gamecube survival horror classic – full video playthrough Continuing our horror video game theme this month we now proceed with a viewing of a full playthrough of the Nintendo Gamecube classic by Capcom, Resident Evil Zero (RE0). A zombie infested train, leeches turning people […]

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Fighting Video Games
Video Games

History of Killer Instinct from Did You Know Gaming

Killer Instinct – Did You Know Gaming? Nintendo‘s classic fighting game developed by Rare, Killer Instinct, was a sight to behold when it was unleashed on the arcades in the mid-1990s. Not only was it wacky and violent like Mortal Kombat, but it also purported to have a deep fighting mechanic like Street Fighter II. […]

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Yakiniku Recipe 焼肉 作り方 レシピ – Japanese BBQ

Yakiniku (Japanese-style Barbecue) Recipe 焼肉 作り方 レシピ If you’re not a huge fan of Cooking with Dog, you should be. Cooking with Dog is YouTube‘s awesome Japanese cooking show featuring a dog, Francis, as your host. Francis guides the viewer through a visual feast of traditional Japanese dishes as well as foreign-inspired cuisine adapted to […]

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Science & Technology

Cure for Diabetes Type 1? New Harvard Research from Doug Melton Promises Significant Leap Towards Cure

Harvard University Research Doug Melton Successfully Reproduces Beta Cells from Stem Cells for Use in Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 Patients Is a New Treatment for Diabetes Near? The search for the cure for diabetes mellitus type 1 took a giant leap forward this past week with the announcement from Harvard University scientist Doug […]

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Video Game Music

Double Dragon II Music (NES) – Into the Turf (Mission 1)

Double Dragon II Music (NES) – Into the Turf [Mission 1] [button color=”white” size=”normal” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”samewindow” url=””]For More Awesome Music from Demagaga, Click Here[/button]For FREE awesome music, click here. Awesome music, style, and content, every day – Like DEMAGAGA on Facebook. Twitter Tumblr SoundCloud Instagram Pinterest YouTube

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A Conversation Between Joyce Carol Oates and Alan Cheuse

Joyce Carol Oates and Alan Cheuse in Conversation Joyce Carol Oates and Alan Cheuse, two renowned authors, have a conversation about the art of writing, novels, and the life of an artist in the modern age.

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