Cure for Diabetes Type 1? New Harvard Research from Doug Melton Promises Significant Leap Towards Cure

Harvard University Research Doug Melton Successfully Reproduces Beta Cells from Stem Cells for Use in Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 Patients

Is a New Treatment for Diabetes Near?

The search for the cure for diabetes mellitus type 1 took a giant leap forward this past week with the announcement from Harvard University scientist Doug Melton that his team has successfully reproduced millions of beta cells, the cells that the immune system of a person with diabetes type 1 attacks, using human stem cells.

We are just one preclinical step away from the finish line… It was gratifying to know that we can do something that we always thought was possible.

Doug Melton, Harvard University

While beta cell transplants have been successful in the past, these transplants were reliant upon cadaver donations and thus would never reach the scale necessary to be considered a treatment viable for all diabetes type 1 patients.

A treatment for all diabetes mellitus type 1 patients using beta cells derived from human stem cells – a significant leap in treatment for an autoimmune disease that affects millions

By manufacturing the required beta cells using stem cells, Melton‘s team has overcome this significant hurdle towards finally curing this autoimmune disorder that affects millions around the world, usually first appearing during early childhood.
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