Resident Evil Zero (Gamecube) Full Playthrough

Resident Evil Zero (Gamecube) Full Playthrough by YouTube Gamer TheInnocentSinful1

Nintendo Gamecube survival horror classic – full video playthrough

Continuing our horror video game theme this month we now proceed with a viewing of a full playthrough of the Nintendo Gamecube classic by Capcom, Resident Evil Zero (RE0). A zombie infested train, leeches turning people into zombies, some dude in a hospital garment singing in the rain – all the craziness you’d expect from a Resident Evil game is here in this installment that was originally developed for the Nintendo 64 before being moved over to the Gamecube. Featuring two playable characters, Rebecca Chambers (from RE 1) and newcomer Billy Coen, an ex-convict being transported by Umbrella for reasons mysterious to Rebecca but revealed through the course of the game. Thanks to YouTube gamer TheInnocentSinful1 for the entertaining ride through RE0.

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