Day: May 11, 2015

Sega Saturn
Video Games

Happy 20th Anniversary Sega Saturn!

20 years after the bungled launch of Sega’s much-maligned yet also beloved Saturn console, we review the best games and our favorite memories Game Sack – The Sega Saturn Launched to everyone’s surprise May 11, 1995, the Sega Saturn is best remembered for its also-ran status to Nintendo’s Nintendo 64 and Sony’s Playstation. Totally solid […]

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News Headlines for May 11, 2015: Greece Penalizes ATM Withdrawals, Kurds Drive ISIS Out of Village, People’s Republic of China Prepping for Drone Warfare

Brazilian lawmakers to protect Amazon rain forest, Kurds drive ISIS out, Osama bin Laden assassination story controversy emerges in the United States, Greece announces ATM fees to curb cash withdrawals Rise of the Superbug – Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria: Dr. Karl Klose at TEDxSanAntonio Brazilian Lawmakers Announce Plans to Nationalize Amazon Rain Forest Kurds Drive ISIS Out […]

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North Korea News Today

DPRK Watch: North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Launching Submarine Debuts

Kim Jong Un Watches Strategic Submarine Underwater Ballistic Missile Test-fire Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the verge of having ballistic missile launching capable submarine Interesting claims out of Pyongyang on Saturday as supreme leader Kim Jong-un allegedly witnessed the launch of a ballistic missile out of a submarine. If this is actually a submarine […]

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Hip Hop Music

J. Cole – “Wet Dreamz” Music Video

J. Cole – Wet Dreamz One of the best beats in a while…great production, smooth sound, J. Cole’s “Wet Dreamz” music video has it all If you like your beats fresh, your raps tight, and top-notch production then you’ll appreciate J. Cole’s “Wet Dreamz.” The music video is pretty much the perfect accompaniment to the […]

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Trap Music

JETFIRE & Happy Enemies – “Brazil” (Lookas & Jules Field Festival Trap Remix)

JETFIRE & Happy Enemies – Brazil (Lookas & Jules Field Festival Trap Remix) Trap Music Remix – JETFIRE & Happy Enemies – “Brazil,” start your night off right and add this to your music playlist JETFIRE & Happy Enemies – “Brazil,” get the night started off right with this trap remix…fire…straight fire. Some more of […]

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RnB Music (Rhythm and Blues)

Beyoncé – “7/11” Music Video

Beyoncé – 7/11 Beyoncé’s music video for her rhythm and blues anthem, “7/11” Other tracks from Beyoncé” Beyoncé – XO Music Video Beyoncé – Drunk in Love ft. JAY Z Song lyrics / paroles de chansons / letras de canciones / letras de músicas / Songtexte / текст песни / 歌词 / 歌詞 /노래 가사 […]

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Migrant Workers in Japan – Conditions Akin to Slavery According to UN Report

The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s Labor Pains from VICE News In desperate need of unskilled labor, some firms in Japan are abusing its “guest worker” program by subjecting laborers to poor living conditions and pay One United Nations report called some of the conditions that migrant workers face in Japan akin to “slavery.” Low-pay, low-skill […]

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Pop Music

Grimes – “Genesis” Music Video with Song Lyrics

Grimes – Genesis Grimes moody, trippy-awesome synthpop video for “Genesis” Other songs by Grimes: Grimes – Go ft. Blood Diamonds Song lyrics / paroles de chansons / letras de canciones / letras de músicas / Songtexte / текст песни / 歌词 / 歌詞 /노래 가사 My heart will never feel (be) Will never see Will […]

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