DPRK Watch: North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Launching Submarine Debuts

Kim Jong Un Watches Strategic Submarine Underwater Ballistic Missile Test-fire

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the verge of having ballistic missile launching capable submarine

Interesting claims out of Pyongyang on Saturday as supreme leader Kim Jong-un allegedly witnessed the launch of a ballistic missile out of a submarine. If this is actually a submarine capable of launching missiles, it would represent a significant leap forward in technological prowess for the North Korean military. According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) Kim Jong-un was pleased with North Korea’s new weapon that would go forth, “striking and wiping out in any waters the hostile forces infringing upon the sovereignty and dignity of (North Korea).” The validity of the state published photographs and the account of the ballistic missile test launch are not without challenges – for one, the supreme leader is said to have personally been involved in the construction of the ballistic missile. In other provocative acts, North Korea‘s navy fired two missiles on South Korea ships it claimed were violating its sovereign waters while South Korea responded that if the DPRK failed to show restraint that it would “regret it bitterly.”

[Vice News: North Korea Claims to Have Launched a Ballistic Missile From a Submarine]

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