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DPRK Watch: North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Launching Submarine Debuts

Kim Jong Un Watches Strategic Submarine Underwater Ballistic Missile Test-fire Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the verge of having ballistic missile launching capable submarine Interesting claims out of Pyongyang on Saturday as supreme leader Kim Jong-un allegedly witnessed the launch of a ballistic missile out of a submarine. If this is actually a submarine […]

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Extra, Extra! News Headlines: Russian Submarines in the Crimea, Iranian Leader Rouhani Condemns ISIS, Moon-God Monument Found in Israel

1. Russia Deploys Stealth Submarines to the Crimea 2. Counter-Terrorism Police Raids in Major Australian Cities 3. France Arrests Group Responsible for Recruiting Females for the Islamic State 4. Iranian Female Kurds Join Fight Against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria 5. Iranian Leader Rouhani Condemns ISIS and the US-Led Coalition 6. Philippine Muslim […]

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