Gaddafi Dead: Dictator Killed Near His Hometown of Sirte.

Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril of the National Transitional Council informed reporters in Tripoli today that Gaddafi, hated former dictator of Libya, had been killed in action near his hometown of Sirte. Gaddafi was allegedly shot in the head in a drainage ditch while begging for his life. Video of the felled dictator being dragged through the streets is now widely available (Caution: Graphic Footage) on the internet and is quite ghoulish at that. Celebrations of Gaddafi’s death are taking place all over Libya and probably elsewhere in the world as the dictator’s victims were many. Gaddafi’s son Mutassim was also killed in Sirte while Gaddafi’s other son, Saif al-Islam, is on the run and left Sirte with a convoy prior to the attack. Proving once again that reality often writes better tales than any author, Gaddafi was killed holding a golden gun according to the NTC soldier who found him and shot him. It is hoped that the events of late culminate in a reformed and democratic Libya, though what shape Libya may take in terms of government is not yet known.


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  1. The Libyans have paid a heavy price to bring about this day of celebration for Gaddafi’s death since their uprising began in February. Tens of thousands of Libyans are dead or wounded, or homeless. Most of Libya’s cities abutting the Mediterranean between Tripoli and Benghazi have been destroyed. The country is awash in militias, self-anointed revolutionaries, and a population thirsting for justice and a better life in a free society. All tall orders for Libya’s triumphant governing Transitional National Council (TNC). Libya’s celebration will be fleeting unless the TNC can transform this popular anti-Gaddafi force into a “pro-Libya” force which marshals the goodwill of all Libyans, for all Libyans.

    1. Indeed they have paid a heavy price for the fall of Gaddafi. Only time will tell what shape the regime will take but things are more hopeful now than at any point I can remember. Thanks for your comment!

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