Day: September 10, 2011

Science & Technology

Do dolphins have superpowers?

According to Pravda dolphins (or cetaceans is another term they use in the article but that may be a mistranslation?) have both a quick healing ability as well as the ability to sense electrical fields. For example, after being bitten by a shark, a chemical stored in a dolphin’s fat can heal it more quickly […]

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Brothel operating as religious temple shut down in Arizona.

Thirty people have been arrested in Phoenix in a sting of an alleged brothel posing as a Goddess Temple at which $100s of dollars could be paid in exchange for religious services. I’m sure it had a dedicated crowd. The temple has been operating since 2009 and would probably still be in operation had a […]

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How to make real Ramen: Yakibuta Ramen.

Cooking with Dog is going to show you how to make Yakibuta Ramen soup. I will provide you with what you need. Follow these directions as shown in the video below and you can’t fail. It’s complicated but once you get the hang of what you are doing it is an awesome dish to make […]

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