Giant Gambian Rat killed in Bed-Stuy NYC.

A gigantic rat believed to have formerly been a pet met its end in Brooklyn at the point of a pitchfork. In a picture sure to thrill PETA, a local resident holds up the carcass of the slain rodent who more resembles a stuck cat than it does a rat. Bed-Stuy has been plagued by rats, of both the common Norway variety and the larger Gambian variety, to the extent that children have been chased away from playgrounds screaming because of the invasion. Some residents, who fear to be named, claim the rats are so large and numerous they should be ‘charged rent.’ When you have rats running around that could beat up a cat, you have a problem. Supposedly Gambian rats were banned long ago from being imported as pets, but as anyone can tell you who lives in the Florida Everglades, people suck and their disregard for the law and cruelty to animals knows no boundaries.

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