Gordon Ramsay’s Best Fights from Hell’s Kitchen Seasons 4 and 5

The foul-mouthed chef and his hit show, “Hell’s Kitchen,” never disappoints in delivering the drama Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Season 4 + 5 UNCENSORED EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS

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Vice Rails Against Looks-Based Hiring at NYC Restaurants

Can’t help but totally agree that it’s completely inappropriate (and, as Vice establishes in this article, illegal) to hire someone based on appearance, yet a part of me can’t shake the feeling that not only is this really common but also it’s probably an issue in more than just the restaurant industry. Tae Yoon does […]

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Science & Technology

Restaurant GM kicks out girl for tweeting that the bartender was a ‘twerp.’

GTFO. No, seriously, this is the most bizarre thing I have read in a while. Restaurant patron kicked out after tweeting insult about bartender? How in the world did the GM of the restaurant find out about this in time? It just shows the increasingly interconnected world we live in and how we all need […]

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