Restaurant GM kicks out girl for tweeting that the bartender was a ‘twerp.’

GTFO. No, seriously, this is the most bizarre thing I have read in a while. Restaurant patron kicked out after tweeting insult about bartender? How in the world did the GM of the restaurant find out about this in time? It just shows the increasingly interconnected world we live in and how we all need to be mindful of that aspect of our lives. The GM of the restaurant was not pleased with this young lady’s tweet and, according to his account, kindly asked her to leave while she says he cussed her out. Having experience working at a restaurant, I can’t really imagine a GM of any establishment cussing out a patron or going out of his way to defend staff. But just because I haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it never occurs. Anyone who has worked in a restaurant or a bar will relate to you how high stress that job can be, particularly a bartender’s job. Could you imagine dealing with endless hordes of people, most drunk, and as the night goes on most all are drunk? You get to hear every insult in the book. Not the best side of humanity, but then again, when you’re at a bar what is?