Final Fantasy Record Keeper Newcomer’s Dungeons

DeNA’s top-grossing Final Fantasy-based app has a festival for newcomers – join the Final Fantasy Record Keeper community now and earn HUGE bonuses!

ffrk newcomers dungeonsIf you’ve read this blog in the past you know we love our Final Fantasy. While most mobile games don’t satisfy that gaming or JRPG itch, one app that I’ve played continuously since its inception does just that: Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

While a bit of a grind initially, FFRK makes up for it in loads of charm and nostalgia. The music alone is worth the download. And with continually rotating festivals and opportunities to earn bonuses in game, it rarely feels like it is a money grab. It does, however, kick up your need for Final Fantasy goodness and probably acts as a conduit for buying more Final Fantasy stuff. If this is its objective, it has done that to me time and time again. But I digress.

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FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper – 8-Bit Creator from DeNA Games

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FFRK’s status as a free-to-play mobile game should not deter you from downloading it – it’s really engaging if you never spend a penny. While some things will take longer for you as a free player, nothing is closed off to a free player – a huge positive in this world where the brick paywall comes hard and fast, frustrating many players once they realize its pay now or waste all of that time you’ve invested before. FFRK does not do this and, in fact, rewards longtime players for their steadfast commitment with increasingly awesome festivals and special events.

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