Mobius Final Fantasy – Review

The free-to-play RPG for Android and iOS delivers sophisticated RPG gameplay set in a beautifully crafted world from the Final Fantasy universe

Mobius Final Fantasy – Announcement Trailer


Before I start, I’m going to be honest and say that RPG’s and mobile devices don’t tend to mix as well as one might wish. While on the Gameboy you could whip out a copy of Pokémon Yellow, play for a bit, save, and continue on later, it isn’t the same mechanic on a mobile device. To their credit, mobile games have improved a lot over the years and it should come as no surprise that Mobius Final Fantasy is an exception to the rule that good games can’t be on a smartphone.

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Once again, it’s sad to say that mobile games tend to suffer from lack of a good story, but Mobius Final Fantasy does try its very best to keep the player engaged throughout with a story typical of other entries in the Final Fantasy series. Your main character wakes up in a land known as Palamecia (though not the same Palamecia from Final Fantasy II) and, unfortunately, the poor guy has amnesia. As you progress through the game, it is revealed that you are a “Warrior of Light.” Not too long after revealing your destiny, the story kind of takes a back-step and drones on a little bit with the dialogue, which is a true shame because they acquired a number of very talented voice actors to do the main characters in this game and the presentation is top notch.

Moving on to what is important in a Final Fantasy game: the combat. Gameplay is your typical turn-based RPG – leveling, skills, a card system, etc. Nothing unfamiliar to players of other RPGs or Final Fantasy games. The real draw here is the deep (and sometimes frustrating) cards system. By augmenting your player’s skill set with various cards acquired through the game, players can customize their Warrior of Light to suit their preferred play style. Sadly, it can be a grindy and somewhat obscure experience.

Aesthetically, Square Enix went all out with this title. The player character and the enemies are well designed and detailed, evoking the best of Yoshitaka Amano’s classic Final Fantasy designs.

A feature of the game that fans of the more classic style Final Fantasy will enjoy is the job system that has been put into place. You start off as an (in)famous “Onion Knight” job that we’ve all come to know and love, and it gives you the chance to collect items, known as seeds to upgrade to whatever job you see fit. When you upgrade to a new job, you character will have some minor changes to their appearance, a feature I personally love having the addition of, as it allows for some extra variety.

Overall, Mobius Final Fantasy isn’t a game for those who aren’t too patient with their RPG’s. To be fair, there is a lot to love here, especially with the combat and the aesthetics; but the dialogue can become a little bit much at times and it just feels like you’re tapping away at the screen so those textboxes disappear a bit faster. If you’re okay with the dialogue, then it won’t be easy to find a thing wrong with the game, but if it doesn’t grip you, it’s going to be a little difficult to stick around, at least from a story perspective.


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