Resident Evil 7: Those Dank Green Herbs Make a Comeback

Resident Evil 7 will feature Green Herbs – Light it up!

RESIDENT EVIL 7 Trailer (E3 2016) PS4 from Game News Official

Capcom have officially confirmed that the upcoming Resident Evil game will see the return of the medicinal plants seen in the original Playstation (PSX) games; Green Herbs were a series staple until the new action-oriented era of Resident Evil games.

It was revealed that Resident Evil 7 will feature a more traditional style of combat and players can now expect to be able to purchase Green Herbs in the game for healing purposes, in keeping with the game’s theme of a return to the series’ roots. A new image from Capcom displayed bottles of medicine, Green Herbs, and a coin with a message stating they were all the healing items in the game with the coin suggesting a merchant gameplay mechanic underlying it all.

It’s uncertain where players will purchase these items from, the popular Merchant from Resident Evil 4 would be the most likely way; the Merchants seen in the early games allowed players to buy and sell items at certain points in the game.
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The game will be returning the Resident Evil series to its horror beginnings in contrast to the most recent games that have focused on action. Even with this return to an old school form, Capcom stresses that combat and firearms will also be very important in the new installment. Capcom has also confirmed that the game features complete PlayStation VR support and players will be able to play the entire game through in virtual reality mode if they wish.

Resident Evil 7 is scheduled for a January 2017 release for the PC, Microsoft XBox One and Sony Playstation 4 (PS4).

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Resident Evil 7 – Gameplay Demo Walkthrough Part 1 – Beginning Hour PS4 [1080p 60fps] from Shirrako

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