Day: April 27, 2015


News Headlines April 27, 2015: Kurds Recruiting US Veterans, Iranian General Predicts Fall of House of Saud, Massive Reforestation Effort in China

Baltimore Riots Looting Tears Gas Clash Protesters Freddy Gray Protest Erupts In Chaos Scientists Turning Salt Water Into Potable Water Using Solar Power Kurds Recruiting US Veterans to Fight ISIS City of Kathmandu Shifted by 10 Feet After Earthquake Thai Customs Officials Seize Large Quantity of Ivory F-35 Engines Called Unreliable in Set Back for […]

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RnB Music (Rhythm and Blues)

Mariah Carey – “Infinity

Mariah Carey – Infinity (Lyric Music Video) New track from RnB icon Mariah Carey – “Infinity” – is like the 1990s reborn It’s catchy! Don’t say we didn’t warn you – Mariah Carey’s new song is upbeat and reminiscent of her best stuff from the day. For more awesome songs of 2015, click here.

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International Relations
North America

Kiss of Death from Fidel Castro – One Miami Woman’s Saga

Kissing Fidel Castro led to consequences for Miami woman from the BBC For Cuban-American lawyer Magda Montiel Davis, the thawing of Cuba/US relations invokes the past The meeting of US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro marked the start of a new era in Cuban-American diplomatic relations. For Miami resident and Cuban-American Magda […]

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xenoblade chronicles wii u
JRPG Video Games (Japanese Role-Playing Games)
Video Games

Xenoblade Chronicles for Nintendo’s Wii U – Gameplay Video

Wii U – Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase Xenoblade Chronicles gameplay video from Nintendo – one of the strongest upcoming RPG’s on the Wii U Xenoblade Chronicles for Nintendo’s Wii U system will fill a much needed gap in the system’s video games coverage, namely, a strong, hardcore JRPG game. A much anticipated game, Xenoblade […]

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MMO Video Games (Massively Multiplayer Online)
Video Games

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Benchmark Video

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Benchmark Trailer The first expansion to MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward, is almost here! Can’t wait for the expansion to Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward? Nor can we. Feast your eyes on how adequate or inadequate your system is for the tasking of processing this beautiful game. Sheesh. That’s a lot of […]

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Autograf - Dream (Original Mix)
Electronic Music

Autograf – “Dream” (Original Mix)

Autograf – Dream (Original Mix) Beach sounds, psychedelic dream pop backdrop – Autograf’s “Dream” is an awesome song What a great summer song. Autograf’s “Dream” is the track you’re looking for if you like music with pseudo-reggae, upbeat melodies, and dream-like instrumental┬átapestries. Simultaneously nostalgic and modern, “Dream” lives up to its name. Click here for […]

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25 Crazy, Strange, and Weird Traditions, Rituals, and Practices from History

25 Insane Human Practices That Prove History Was Terrifying from list25 25 insane practices from history – tradition isn’t always worth preservation Wow. Some of these practices from the pages of history are barbaric, disgusting, and downright strange. Basil the Bulgarian blinding Byzantine emperor, the use of urine to clean clothing, burning cats in France, […]

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