Day: July 27, 2013


Quote of the Day: The Observer’s Mark Townsend on the Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is all but lawless, with just 200 police to guard 4.6m people from rebel gangs who attack women, kill men and recruit children at will. Despite repeated warnings, the international community has done little, even as arms continue to flood into the country. Mark Townsend,┬áThe Observer To read more about the […]

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MMO Video Games (Massively Multiplayer Online)

XL Games Debuts New ArcheAge Trailer

A new trailer for the most anticipated Korean-MMO to ever come West, ArcheAge, was debuted by XLGames this past week and, while scant on substance, it is high on the epic scale! Here’s to hoping Trion Worlds can meet with success in this latest MMO effort. ArcheAge releases the Fall of 2013 from Trion and […]

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News Headlines July 27, 2013: Islamists Massacre Syrian Soldiers, David Cameron’s Internet Censorship Proposal Attacked, French May Call President Stupid for First Time

Islamist Extremists in Syria Massacre Soldiers Roman Catholic Pope Francis I Continues Calls for Change Vancouver, Canada Bars Boycott Russian-made Vodka in Protest Against Anti-Homosexual Legislation in Russia Muslim Brotherhood Offices in Libya Attacked UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s Proposed Internet Filters Extend to More than Pornography ‘Imaginary Threats’ Used As Justification for New Zealand […]

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Pop Music

Fe – Let It Go Music Video

Hot and brooding, all at the same time. Reminiscent of Lana Del Rey but also a bit of a Crystal Castles sound as well.

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