Day: November 9, 2012


Xi Jinping: World Awaits Official Announcement of Ascendancy, Raises Questions About Future Direction of the World’s Second Largest Economy

With the beginning of the 18th National Congress of the People’s Republic of China yesterday, the world awaits the official announcement of Xi Jinping’s ascendancy to the leadership of the Politburo’s Standing Committee, as is widely expected. The question of who will be joining Xi Jinping at the top is what presently concerns most China […]

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MMO Video Games (Massively Multiplayer Online)
Video Games

Final Fantasy XIV Final Hours Event This Weekend

Before the beleaguered MMO reboots itself as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the makers of the game, Square Enix, have planned a  massive in-game event for past and current subscribers to the game, regardless of subscription status. The event precedes the coming of meteor, a violent event meant to symbolize the game’s rebooting from […]

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World War Z Film Trailer Debuts

The trailer from the highly anticipated zombie film starring Brad Pitt and based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks debuted its trailer today to the delight of fans. Directed by Marc Forster and written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, the film is expected in theaters on June 21, 2013. World War Z, […]

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Science & Technology

Could Bananas Replace Potatoes as a World Staple Food?

Researchers from CGIAR claim that, due to climate change, plants from the banana family could end up becoming important staple foods for much of the world’s population. The research was conducted at the behest of the United Nations’ committee on world food security. Researchers examined at the effects of climate change on some of the world’s key agricultural […]

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Guillaume GrandLa Bonne Conscience

Guillaume Grand is a French pop/folk artist best known for his song ‘Toi et Moi’ from his album l’amour est laid. Silky vocals overlaid on a haunting acoustic track, La Bonne Conscience is the kind of track that makes you think of rainy days and hot coffee.   Click here to preview this track in iTunes. Click here to […]

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India Calls for Reform of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, Calling Its Current Form ‘Out of Touch with Political Realities’

The comments come near the end of India’s temporary seat on the Security Council which is set to expire at the end of this December. India’s Permanent Representative to the U.N. Hardeep Singh Puri also advocated for some kind of restraint to the members of the Security Council’s right to veto power. “The Security Council as […]

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North Korea News Today

Australia Shuts Its Doors to North Korean Refugees

Due to changing laws, North Korean refugees in Australia are being deported to South Korea. Because South Korea considers all of the citizens of North Korea as citizens of South Korea, Australia, too, accepts this position and will not be deporting the refugees who have settled in Australia back to the DPRK. Still, some North […]

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