Day: October 5, 2011


Greece Releasing Names of Wealthy Who Don’t Pay Taxes.

The Global Post is reporting that Greece is about to start publicizing the names of its wealthy elite who flaunt tax laws, estimating some third or $20 billion in taxes go unpaid every year in Greece. This inability to fully collect its revenues has been blamed for much of Greece’s budgetary shortfalls and, it’s speculated, […]

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Science & Technology

Dissolving Gold Before the Nazis Steal It: The Story of Niels Bohr and the Noble Prize Medals.

Imagine you are living in the 1940’s with the terror of the Nazi menace marching towards your home. This was the plight of physicist Niels Bohr in 1940. One of Jewish descent and one socialist, Max von Laue and James Franck had sent their Noble Peace Prize Medals to Bohr’s Institute for Theoretical Physics for […]

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