Barcraft Nights.

So StarCraft II fans are taking to local bars and hosting “Barcraft” nights in which they watch Korean professional gamers duke it out in no-holds-barred StarCraft II matches. This is touted as the “geeks retaking the bar from the jocks” night although to take something back one must first possess said object and it may be safe to conjecture that these poor guys never had the bar in the first place because they are too busy setting the bar for aspirational gaming at home. It’s like saying the jocks are retaking C++, it just doesn’t groove but it makes for quick journalism so I digress. Further, although a ‘bar fight’ between these two clandestine societies is said to have erupted over control of the tv, the only mention in the article of said “bar fight” was a mention of a local bar patron asking if one television set could be turned to a local sports game instead of StarCraft II. That doesn’t sound like much of a brawl because if it is, local nursing homes are literal hell holes of martial strife for supremacy of the universal remote control. I really want to attend one of these nights, and it is mentioned that a few have taken place in Boston though the location is unnamed and the description is rather vague. If you know of one of these matches in the Boston area I would love to join you. Shoot me an email.