25 Crazy, Strange, and Weird Traditions, Rituals, and Practices from History

25 Insane Human Practices That Prove History Was Terrifying from list25 25 insane practices from history – tradition isn’t always worth preservation Wow. Some of these practices from the pages of history are barbaric, disgusting, and downright strange. Basil the Bulgarian blinding Byzantine emperor, the use of urine to clean clothing, burning cats in France, […]

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Australia’s Most Prestigious and Oldest Catholic University, St. John’s, Embroiled in Scandal After Hazing Death of Girl

Australia’s oldest and most prestigious Catholic university, St. John’s, is at the center of a scandal after hazing during an initiation ritual by students led to a young girl’s death. Instead of reform, many critics think the college is descending ever further into a culture of anarchy and debauchery. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

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