Final Fantasy Versus XIII versus Final Fantasy XV: A Video Comparison

What has transpired in Final Fantasy XV’s (FFXV) world since insomnia was first introduced in 2006’s Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Final Fantasy XV – 2006 VS 2016 via SuperB1996 on YouTube

Final Fantasy XV is finally here and, to celebrate, we’re gonna share everything we know or can find about this title and its forebear, the awkwardly titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII. YouTuber SuperB1996 compiled the following trailers from the game’s 2006 incarnation up until the present. As you can readily see, the game has undergone quite the transformation since initially debuting, the transition from side story to full fledged series installment being one among many. While praise for the game is somewhat universal, others decry the perceived changes that variate what we know as Final Fantasy XV and what was promised in Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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One thing many have noticed is the tendency for the above videos to demonstrate a darker, more angst-filled (if that is possible in a FF game) world in the earlier version, with a lighter, more cheerful scenario in the game we received. The scenario writers are very forthcoming about the changes they have made to the plot, and the reasoning behind the excise of certain characters in favor of more amalgamated versions.

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