Final Fantasy XV Sells 5 Million Copies Worldwide on Launch Day

Square Enix’s latest masterpiece off to roaring start as Final Fantasy XV looks to become blockbuster hit for the company

Shipped Vs Sold: The debate over Final Fantasy XV sales continues… from Final Fantasy Peasants

Square Enix’s latest release in the long-running, legendary JRPG series Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XV, has sold 5 million units as of launch according to reports from Gamestop that cite Square Enix Final Fantasy XV sales figures. According to the video game’s director Hajime Tabata, the sales goal for FFXV is 10 million, making 5 million a good start. Final Fantasy XV is the first game in the series to launch simultaneously in all regions in which the game would be available as well as for all competing console systems excluding the PC (if you consider the PC a console with regard to sales – there is as of yet no PC version of the game announced). The game was developed from its announcement in E3 2006 until the present, with many last many fixes delaying the release date until November 29, 2016. Four hours deep into the game and we have to agree with many of its initial reviews – beautiful and engaging with flaws here and there. It is definitely worth your time if you are a fan of JRPGs or even action video games like Dark Souls or BloodBorne.

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You can view the anime used to introduce the series to fans here.


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