Sunsoft’s classic video games with an awesome soundtrack, Journey to Silius is an experience every retro gaming fan should have

NES Longplay [028] Journey to Silius from World of Longplays

I don’t know if I’ve told you about this before but if you haven’t checked it out, Silius’ original video game soundtrack is ridiculous. Off the chain. It needs to be resampled, remixed, redone, whatever. It’s awesome. You can check it out here: Classic Video Game Music Soundtracks: Journey to Silius – Title Theme. Silius is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System from legendary Japanese video games maker Sunsoft. Journey to Silius, or ラフワールド Rafu Wārudo in Japanese, was developed by Tokai Engineering and published by Sunsoft and Mattel in 1990, late in the NES’ life. The graphics are polished, the gameplay is crisp, and the music is outstanding. The game takes its themes, as many NES-era games do, from 1980s movies, particularly 1984’s Terminator. This influence can be seen throughout the walkthrough/playthrough above. Here’s the plot according to Wikipedia:

In the year 0373 of the new space age calendar, overpopulation of Earth has led to increased demand for emigration to space colonies. Jay McCray, the son of a scientist responsible for development of space colony #428 in the Silius Solar System (SSS), prepares to move there in order to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, the space station is obliterated in an explosion, killing the entire research team and destroying all data on board.
In his father’s home, Jay discovers a floppy disk containing not only the complete SSS colony plans but a personal message from his father asking that he complete the projects should terrorists succeed in destroying the colony. To protect the colony plans and to avenge his father’s death, Jay sets out to fight the terrorists responsible for the space colony’s destruction.

Again, like many of Sunsoft’s properties, Silius was originally a Terminator tie-in, but Sunsoft lost the license rights to that property and thus converted the game into what gamers fondly know today. I recommend you check this game out as soon as you can, especially if you’re a fan of classic Famicom games.

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