Nintendo NES Metroid – Longplay Video

The 8-bit video game wonder for Nintendo’s Famicom/NES from 1986 is here in all its glory with a Metroid longplay video playthrough

Metroid playthrough courtesy of Long Play Videos

One of the best games ever made for Nintendo‘s Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System, 1986’s Metroid has the gamer assuming the role of Samus Aran, an bounty hunter and primary protagonist of the entire Metroid series. Of course, it is common knowledge that Samus is a female, but in 1986 this was not the case and, in fact, only after a very skilled playthrough of the game to receive the ultimate ending did the player finally realize that Samus was a she, somewhat in the vein of Ripley from the Alien franchise. Metroid has many elements from the early 1980’s horror films from the Alien genre and you see that carried through even in the modern installments. My personal favorite entry is the classic Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo but you can easily see that game’s origins in the video above. I love to celebrate classic and modern video games, and watching some of these longplays not only provides nostalgia but also real insight into the history of the development of the action platformer genre that Metroid helped create.

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