News Headlines for May 14, 2015: Hyon Yong-chol Alive in North Korea, ISIS Number 2 Reportedly Dead, NATO in the Baltics

Top news stories and headlines from around the world for Thursday, May 14, 2015

North Korean Defence Minister alive and well, ISIS interim leader killed according to reports, Vietnam to buy United States weaponry, Northern England and Scotland secession petitions, Wild panda meat in Chinese markets

  1. Hyon Yong-chol Alive and Well – South Korea Retracts Statement
  2. ISIS Interim Leader Abu Alaa al Afri Killed in Airstrike
  3. Vietnam to Purchase U.S. Military Hardware in Arms Race with People’s Republic of China
  4. Petition for Secession of Parts of Northern England to Scotland Gains Steam
  5. Wild Panda Killed Sold as Meat in the People’s Republic of China

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania request North Atlantic Treaty Organization military presence to counter aggressive Russia, Saudi Arabia to counter Iran’s nukes, North Korean defector predicts fall of regime, details Kim Jong-un’s cruelty

  1. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Request NATO Military Presence
  2. Saudi Arabia to Develop Nuclear Weapons in Response to Iran
  3. North Korean Defector Predicts Collapse of the Regime
  4. Bar Owner Charged After Man Dies from 56 Shots
  5. Completely Warm-Blooded Fish Discovered
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