Top news stories from around the world – Kim Jong-choi executed in North Korea, families giving away daughers in exchange for ISIS protection, ISIS stealing western passports to pass to Syria

North Korea Executes Defense Chief on Treason Charges

  1. Columbia will Stop Using RoundUp on Cocaine Plants
  2. 7.1 Richter Scale Earthquake Strikes Nepal
  3. DPRK – Kim Jong-un Executes Defense Chief Kim Yong-choi
  4. Families Giving Away Daughters in Exchange for ISIS Protection
  5. ISIS Stealing Western Passports to Travel to Syria

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News Headlines for May 11, 2015: Greece Penalizes ATM Withdrawals, Kurds Drive ISIS Out of Village, People’s Republic of China Prepping for Drone Warfare
News Headlines for May 10, 2015: Afghan Leaders Shocked by Civil Protests, Raul Castro Likes the Pope, Russia and China Sign Internet Pact
News Headlines May 9, 2015: Li Jinyuan Takes 6400 Staff on Holiday to France, Russia Marks V-E Day, Dubai to Employ Robot Cops

  1. Iran Executed 98 People in One Month
  2. 6.8 Scale Earthquake Hits Northern Japan
  3. Greece Liquidates International Monetary Fund Reserves to Repay IMF
  4. Gambian President Vows to Slit Gay Mens’ Throats in Public Speech
  5. ISIS Demolishing Ancient Ruins to Cover-Up Looting
ISIS turns to selling ancient artifacts to fund terror campaign

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