Counting the Cost – Russia and China: Strategic allies?

Egyptian mummy scheme discovered, Nepal earthquake family members trapped in Qatar, Stone-Age Englanders practiced cannibalism

  1. Afghan Religious Leaders Shocked by Civil Rights Protests in Kabul
  2. Raul Castro, Leader of Cuba: “The Pope’s so impressive, I may return to church.”
  3. UK Scientists Discover Some Egyptian Mummies Nothing but Wrapping
  4. Nepal Earthquake Victims’ Family Members Not Allowed to Leave Qatar to Attend Funerals
  5. Ritual Cannibalism Discovered in Stone-Age England

Russia and China partner to defend the internet, Macedonian protests end with 22 dead, Israel’s government promises construction in the West Bank

  1. Russia and China Join Internet Forces
  2. Macedonian Crisis Ends with 22 Dead
  3. Israel’s New Government Plans on Legalizing West Bank Construction
  4. European Union Details Plans to Attack Targets in Libya to Prevent Migrant Boats
  5. Peruvian Government Occupies Mining Site

Israeli PM Netanyahu reaches deal to form new government
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