Câmera Escondida: Loira Assassina

Female propositions men, then terrorizes them as a nude assassin carrying a severed head in this parody video

What would you do if an attractive, naked woman (or man – #equality) propositioned you? Interesting scenario to imagine, eh? And likely a fantasy many people have in some form or fashion but what if this naked, seeminly horny person pulled a machete and a severed head out of bag? Things would quickly go from some kind of pseudo-sex fantasy to a nightmare (or maybe still a sex fantasy, we don’t judge here, we only help others do that). Câmera Escondida is a Brazilian “hidden cam” prank show somewhat of the same variety as many of the popular YouTube channels that do similar things. These guys’ reactions are amazing to watch. What would you do?

[Câmeras Escondidas Programa Silvio Santos, UniLad]

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