Manchester City Traffic Warden Quits After Video of Her Issuing Parking Ticket to Cab in Car Accident

manchester city uk traffic warden issues cab driver parking ticket after he has accident

Traffic Warden Issues Ticket to Taxi Driver Who Has Crashed His Car from YouTube: News Channel

Cab driver Mohammed Arif of Rochdale, United Kingdom was issued a ticket by a traffic warden despite his car having been damaged in an accident

Cab driver Mohammed Arif double parked his car after an accident and, despite obvious evidence of this, was still issued a ticket by a former traffic warden abusing her position (and likely fulfilling a quota). To top it all off, not only does she issue him a ticket but she swats at his camera and then accuses him of assaulting her. Of course, some douche white knight comes along not minding his own business and now lives in infamy as that douche that defended the misbegotten former traffic warden. The Manchester City Council has vowed to investigate the incident while the traffic warden resigned after the video went up on YouTube.

[Daily Mail: Traffic warden resigns after being caught on camera trying to give taxi driver a ticket even though he’d been in a crash]

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