North Korea Warns Foreign Nationals to Evacuate South Korea Ahead of Possible War

North Korea
North Korea

The official state media outlet of the DPRK has issued a warning to foreign nationals currently residing in South Korea to evacuate ahead of a potential missile test by Pyongyang.

In a further escalation of tensions since the DPRK issued a statement warning diplomats in Pyongyang that their safety could not be guaranteed in the event of war, the North Korean regime has heightened speculation that a missile test is imminent and may even come as early as tomorrow with the issuance of a warning to foreigners in the RoK. The Korean Central News Agency statement warns of thermonuclear war and expresses Pyongyang’s desire that no foreigners or foreign entities mistakenly get caught up in the ensuing chaos between the two Koreas.

The Russian Federation has thus far declined to remove its diplomats from Pyongyang, and China has issued statements urging calm and the need for stability in the region.

Newly-elected South Korean President Park Geun-hye has vowed to end the abusive cycle of rhetoric with North Korea which often sees bad behavior rewarded:

How long are we going to repeat this vicious cycle where the North Koreans create tensions and we give them compromises and aid?North Korea must stop its wrong behavior and make a right choice for the future of the Korean nation.

Park Geun-hye, President of the Republic of Korea

Japan has responded to North Korea’s latest provocations with the deployment of anti-missile defense batteries along its coast. South Korean representative Rep. Chung Moon-joon used the crisis as an opportunity to highlight South Korea’s need for a nuclear deterrent to not only prevent an attack from North Korea but also to send a strong message to China.