Brothel operating as religious temple shut down in Arizona.

Thirty people have been arrested in Phoenix in a sting of an alleged brothel posing as a Goddess Temple at which $100s of dollars could be paid in exchange for religious services. I’m sure it had a dedicated crowd. The temple has been operating since 2009 and would probably still be in operation had a local paper not done a report on the temple’s illicit activities. This, couple with resident complaints, spelled doom for the small religious sect. ABC News tells us this is Arizona’s largest prostitution ring bust since 2008’s Desert Divas. I’m just sad to see the Divas fall on such hard times, but I guess after that last tour they had to do something to pay the bills. In addition to the Phoenix parish, the Goddess Temple also operate a franchise site in Sedona, which was also raided. The Temple’s websites are no longer online but their teachings have been described as ‘body centric.’

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