18 lbs., 75 year old Lobster delivered to Coney Island, NY.

Wow. An 18 pound lobster was delivered to Coney Island for use as an exhibition piece after the lucky guy escaped death by boiling and garlic butter because no pot could be found within which to cook him. Now he will be a part of Coney Island’s menagerie, which is a somewhat more desirable fate but as to whether it is qualitatively better than living in the ocean is debatable. The formula for determining a lobster’s age is its weight in pounds times four plus three. The University of Maine’s Lobster Institute, which is a real thing, tells us that there have been lobsters that have weighed as much as 44 pounds with lengths as long as four feet. I definitely do not want to encounter a four foot lobster without prior preparation. That said, can you believe that there’s a Lobster Institute?