Man kills DC socialite, forges inheritance documents, and has a catamite. Damn.

As if life couldn’t get any more bizarre. This almost reminds me of an episode of Sick Sad World. I’m sure you all remember MTV’s Daria? Who doesn’t, right? Anyway, on today’s episode of Sick Sad World: a 91-year old socialite, alleged to have been murdered by her young husband, had her signature forged on inheritance documents detailing her unlikely desire to leave her young husband approximately $200,000 dollars upon her death. Also, her young husband was keeping a young ‘hot’ gay lover. The man also looks like a total psychopath which makes me question how sane this poor old lady could have been. The Washington Post tells us that it was a “marriage of convenience with clear terms” and that the two were wed when she was a young maiden freshly wilted at 70 and he was in his mid-twenties. Among other things Herr Muth enjoys other than keeping young men as lovers are: pretending to be in the Iraqi army, walking up and down the street with a marching baton, and, in spite of or maybe because of his German descent, he like to fashion himself Sheikh Ali Al-Muthaba. Holy. Shit. Tragedy but damn if he wasn’t advertising his insanity.