Bone-Marrow Cancer Patient told to stop yard sales to support herself due to neighbor complaint.

This is a heart-breaking situation. Jan Cline, a bone-marrow cancer patient in Salem, Oregon, has been told to stop holding yard sales in the back of her yard because city regulations only permit three yard sales per year. Jan Cline is holding these yard sales to raise money for herself while she undergoes treatment for her debilitating bone marrow cancer. After a complaint call from a ‘neighbor,’ the yard sales were stopped. My question is: what kind of blighted soul do you have to stop a cancer patient from selling away her life to support herself? What kind of ego must one possess to feel so entitled to, what, a yard sale free neighborhood? I believe in karma, but I’m saddened it doesn’t take root and sprout up more quickly because I want this ‘neighbor’ to suck on karma’s tit for a little while. I do not wish anyone ill, but I cannot abide such a person. If ever I heard that such a person were in my social circle, not only would I excoriate him for his behavior I would, undoubtedly, find myself unable to be friends. What kind of life must one have led that has created such a selfish worldview? What sanctimonious law, other than that against more than three yard sales, is this asshole protecting? An investment in a home? A neighborhood aesthetic? I wish we knew who the neighbor was. I have some quite kind words for him or her in fact: Yours is coming.

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