North Korea First Lady Ri Sol Ju
North Korea News Today

Kim Jong un’s Wife Ri Sol-ju is Pyongyang Fashion Icon

KCTV Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju Visits Rungna People′s Pleasure Ground North Korea’s first lady Ri Sol-ju is the DPRK’s foremost fashionista, sporting looks that favor Chanel and often adorned with flower-shaped broaches, ribbons, polka dots, ruffles, and flashy accessories. North Korean’s women are attempting to imitate Ri Sol-ju’s fashion sense and have […]

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Apple Watch Edition

Will Apple Watch Hurt Swiss Luxury Watch Makers?

Wall Street Journal: Will Apple Watch Eclipse the Classic Swiss Watch? Will the Apple Watch Edition hurt traditional Swiss timepiece watch manufacturers like Rolex? Unlikely, according to industry experts, and, in fact, the Apple Watch line could even help the luxury timepiece market by re-establishing demand for luxury wrist and moving certain functions taken over […]

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Fall Fashion 2014 from H&M

H&M (Hennes and Mauritz) Fall Fashion 2014 This autumn is all about muted grays, browns, and greens but also sharp contrasts with a lot of white/black combination looks. H&M‘s new line is in stores now and should help you get through the cold seasons in cutting-edge style.

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