Quantitative easing


J Pop Group Machikado Keiki Japan Draws Inspiration from the Nikkei Stock Average

Kanon Mori, Yuki Sakura, Hinako Kuroki and Jun Amaki comprise the J Pop girl group Machikado Keiki Japan, the latest singing sensation in the land of the Rising Sun but this time with a twist – their songs and music videos draw inspiration from the ups and downs of Japan’s stock market, the Nikkei. The girls range in ages from 16 […]

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Is There a China Bubble?

The Global Post has an awesome interview with Dr. Victor Shih, assistant professor in political science at Northwestern University. The article is part of Global Post’s series “Cracks in the Wall” about the challenges facing Chinese economic growth in the future and details why, according to Harvard educated Dr. Shih, Chinese public and state-owned debt […]

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