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Mad Men Season 1970’s Pop Culture References in Season 7

The Gothamist has a great write up of all the various locations and trends in 1970s Manhattan and beyond for those who have viewed Mad Men season 7’s “The Forecast,” an episode filled with references to the past while also pondering the direction, and meaning, of the future. If you haven’t watched “The Forecast” yet, […]

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25 People Shot Over 48 Hour Period in New York City

25 people were shot over the past 48 hours in the United States largest city of New York with three killed on Saturday and three killed on Sunday June 1 and 2. 12 people were blasted in Brooklyn, eight in the Bronx and another four in Queens, and the only shooting in Manhattan happened in broad […]

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Video of 1950s Manhattan Life

This is some fascinating old video from the borough of Manhattan in New York City circa 1950. Around this time the city was beginning to adapt to the mass use of cars as a means of personal transportation, as well as the post-World War II boom that brought commercial prosperity to millions of Americans. Access […]

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