News Headlines June 8, 2013

Europeans Frightened by US PRISM Scandal, Urge Passage of New Laws Stockholm’s Male Train Drivers Wear Skirts to Beat Heat Australian Foreign Minister Says Julian Assange is ‘Of No Concern’ The Bilderberg Group Meets in London United Kingdom Beneficiary of United States’ NSA Prism Program Saudi Prince Alwaleed¬†bin¬†Talaal Sues US-Based Forbes Magazine for Understating His […]

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Does the U.K. Have an Unjust Court System?

In the ‘Age of Terror’ western legal systems have grappled with the dual tension of protecting its citizens from terrorist attacks while also preserving the citizenry’s civil rights. While often the focus is on the secretive renditions and proceedings brought against terror suspects, we should not forget that sometimes other areas of the legal system, […]

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