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Pyongyang Chain of Restaurants – A Little Bit of North Korea in Franchise Form

Of all the places you would expect to find a North Korean-owned chain restaurant called Pyongyang, Cambodia may make the short list of least likely locales to host yet another of the DPRK’s exotic, quixotic, or just down-right odd attempts at propaganda. These restaurants serve traditional Korean fare and feature beautiful and talented waitresses that […]

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The King of Cannabis: Latest Vice Documentary Explores the World of Marijuana Breeding

The latest full-length Vice documentary, The King of Cannabis, explores the world of marijuana breeding with a particularly focus on¬†Arjan Roskam, a world-famous marijuana breeder based in Amsterdam who could become the world’s first billionaire because of his development of high-end strains of marijuana.

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Amsterdam Coffee Shops Will Still Allow Foreigners, Plan to Prohibit Tourists from Amsterdam’s Ganja Attractions Scrapped

Eberhard van der Laan, Amsterdam’s mayor, has assured tourists that they will still be allowed to enjoy any of Amsterdam’s 220 cafes even though the new cabinet vows to move ahead with a national registration scheme that would prohibit foreigners from purchasing cannabis. [Dutch News]

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