The Best Scenes from Game of Thrones, Season 7 – So Far!

The best scenes from HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 7

Season 7 – wow what a ride! Here are some of the best scenes from season 7 of Game of Thrones so far.


Arya Stark Eliminates House Frey

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Daenerys Returns to Dragonstone

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Euron Proposes to Queen Cersei

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The Hound & The Brotherhood

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Arya and Nymeria

Sea Battle

Jon Snow Leaves to Meet Daenerys

Arya and Hot Pie Reunited

Daenerys Meets Melisandre

Jon Snow Meets Daenerys Targaryen

Bran Returns to Winterfell

Cersei Gathers Allies

Euron Returns to King’s Landing

Cersei’s Revenge

Fall of Casterly Rock, Sack of High Garden

Lannisters Attacked by Daenerys

Bronn versus Drogon

Arya and Brienne

Arya and Bran Reunite

Bran Tells Little Finger “Chaos is a Ladder”

Cersei Pays the Iron Bank

Jaime Tries to Kill Daenerys

Jaime Returns to Cersei in King’s Landing

Tyrion and Jaime Reunite

Daenerys Demonstrates the Queen’s Justice

Jon Snow Demonstrates His Leadership Capabilities

Jon Snow – Dragon Tamer

Bronn Saves Jaime…Somehow

The Quest for a Wight

Ser Jorah and Jon Snow Discuss Long Claw

The Group Captures a Wight

Attack of the Undead Polar Bear

Tensions Between Arya and Sansa

Death of Thoros of Myr

Tyrion Counsels Daenerys

Surrounded by Ice

Jon Snow and Companions Versus the Army of the Dead

Daenerys Rides North

An Implausible and Depressing Scene


The Return of Uncle Benjen

Jon Snow “Bends the Knee” to Daenerys

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