Russians Nostalgic for Soviet Era According to Poll

Poll respondents long for stability of Soviet times

Soviet-era nostalgia still strong, 20 years on from AFP News Agency

A study conducted by the Eastern Bank for Reconstruction and Development found that only 15% of Russian households think their quality of life is better compared with 15% in 2010, with over half of respondents from former Soviet states saying a return to a more authoritarian style of govenrment would be a benefit. The EBRD was initiated 25 years ago after the fall of the Soviet Union to invest in the former Warsaw Pact countries. As part of its “Life in Transition” project, the EBRD has polled 51,000 households in 34 different countries for 25 years. Although the “happiness gap” with Wester Europe has narrowed, the poll found widespread disatisfaction with globalization, with EBRD chief economist Sergei Guriev saying “If the public does not see the benefits of reforms they will ultimately not be successful.”

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[ The Guardian – Unhappy Russians nostalgic for Soviet-style rule – study ]
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