Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Laughs at CIA Allegations of Russian Interference in 2016 US Presidential Election

Kellyanne Conway calls CIA report about Russian interference in US 2016 Presidential election “Laughable and Ridiculous”

John Dickerson Grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s CIA Criticism

In an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation, Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign manager Kellyanne Conway called the allegations of Russian interference in the election “laughable and ridiculous.” Mirroring her boss’ comments the previous day, Kellyanne Conway thinks the CIA’s recent revelations may be politically motivated and thus should be understood in that light, “He thinks that people are trying to re-litigate the election.” The CIA shared its findings with key senators and apparently uncovered evidence of Russian involvement in hacking DNC state level email accounts. One official called the alleged Russian interference “unprecedented meddling by a foreign power in our election process.”

[Tweet “Kellyanne Conway calls #CIA rumors about #Russia’s & 2016 Presidential election “Laughable and Ridiculous” #politics”]

[The Washington Post – Kellyanne Conway calls CIA report on Russian election meddling ‘laughable and ridiculous’]
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