Chris Christie Reportedly Rejected Multiple Offers from Donald Trump Administration

Vocal Trump supporter during the 2016 US presidential election, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will not be part of the incoming administration

Gov. Chris Christie on Bridgegate convictions of former allies from CBS This Morning

Currently dealing with a series of scandals within his own administration, vocal and early Donald Trump supporter, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, will not be part of the incoming Donald Trump administration, reportedly rejecting Homeland Security secretary, secretary of veterans affairs and ambassador to Italy, among others. Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions will be the new United States Attorney General, the one position within the Trump administration that Chris Christie coveted according to rumors. Entering his final year as New Jersey’s governor, Christie is deeply involved in the “Bridgegate” controversy that has entangled many of his former staff and as a consequence he has not participated in the transition team planning at Trump Tower in New York City.

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[CNN – Christie turned down offers to join Trump administration]
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