Bill English is New Zealand’s New Prime Minister

New Zealand’s New Prime Minister enters office after John Key’s resignation

Bill English On John Key Resigning As Prime Minister Of New Zealand

John Key’s chosen successor, Bill English, is expected to win the vote to become New Zealand’s next Prime Minister after his remaining challengers within his party have dropped out and he has the support of 30 National MPs, a majority strong enough to secure the seat. John Key was New Zealand’s Prime Minister since 2008 and personally backed Bill English as his successor. Bill English served as John Key’s finance minister. Challengers for the office dropped out after Bill English secured the 30 MP majority support, with challengers Jonathan Coleman, the current health minister, and Judith Collins, the police minister, acknowledging English had the votes needed. The caucus on Monday appears to be a formality at this point as Bill English is already largely acknowledged as the next prime minister.

[The Guardian – Bill English to be New Zealand’s next PM after challengers drop out]
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