Nouman‘s Written Theatres on Fire!

Life of a Theatre Artist/writer/director Nouman Mehmood

Nouman Mehmood born in Karachi Pakistan on 19 October 1990 in a middle class family. After facing various ups and downs of his family partition, he remains stayed with his father in the age of 4. His father ‘Mehmood Sultan’ harnessed him as an arts student from the beginning which turns in a very youthful yet with solid certainty and character scholarly and a self starter. As of now acting as an Associate Director for Thespianz Theater. Composing Plays, Exploring societies of various nations, Heritage, Performing, Arts and Theater are his enthusiasm and overseeing expressions is his goal. Being an expressions director, He has various sizes throughout his life, He is nearly certain while starting new tasks for Thespianz.

He worked with various groups at various circumstances in Thespianz and appreciated operational with every one of them. He delighted in overseeing and executing ventures. His Organization is working for Education, Health, and Anti Drugs through performing expressions and The Flying Class Room extend as a team with Goethe Institute –Pakistan. He for the most part work for grown-ups and youngsters, sort out no less than 4 major preparations consistently. He started and saddled different celebrations, trades and preparations under the umbrella of Thespianz. He was the key individual for overseeing U.S. social emissary, who went by Pakistan for community oriented work with Thespianz, for example, Dr. Kanta Kochar in 2010, Ms. Aiza Ali in 2012, Ms. Fawzia Mirza in 2014, Mary Mcbride and Grace Mclean and them apples in 2015.

He likewise sorting out and overseeing occasions of Pakistan U.S. Graduated class Network with nation leader of this system Mr. Faisal Malik. He was human expressions chief for welcoming German Playwright and Theater Director Kristo Sagor in Sept 2012, Two Arts administrator from Germany Dr. Patrick S. Fohl and Mr. Check Gegenfurtner in 2014 and Theater Director Mr. Robert Nueman in 2015 in Karachi with the joint efforts of Goethe Institut – Pakistan. He has gone to Europe in 2013 for dealing with a Theater Festival “Theatertreffen” in Germany; amid this visit He met Pakistani ministers in Berlin and Poland. In the wake of knowing this all and all from a youthful author/executive/maker I truly got awed and needed to realize that he truly cherishes performing expressions and theater as it supports scholastic train, gives a medium of self articulation and basic considering; empowers innovation and social comprehension. At the group level, it offers an incentive to gatherings of people and expands the personal satisfaction, jam social legacy and fortifies the nearby economy.