Living the High Life in Hyrule – Why We Can’t Wait for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The new open-world Legend of Zelda promises to be an experience akin to the series original – for both Nintendo Wii U and the upcoming Nintendo NX console

56 Minutes of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD Hands-On Gameplay from E3 2016! from Polygon

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the next up and coming Legend of Zelda that is tied to the main series, and was originally set to be released on the Wii U in 2015. Due to the multiple delays that came about on the run up to the game’s release date, it has been announced that the game’s new release date is for 2017, but has yet to be confirmed any deeper than that at the moment. What is known, however is that the game is going to not only be a Wii U exclusive, but also the upcoming Nintendo platform, NX.

To keep things different from previous Legend of Zelda’s there is an open world nature that the game is going to be taking a part in this time around. That isn’t the only change to The Legend of Zelda normalities, however, and the developers are implementing a realistic, advanced physics engine that we won’t get to see the real extent of until the game has more details announced for it.

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Nintendo have taken a much less streamlined approach with their development on this Legend of Zelda, as the environment has been rumoured to be so much more open and sprawling than the original overworld of Twilight Princess. Players, as per usual will be playing as Link; except this time around it is 100 years into the future, in a time where Hyrule isn’t quite what it once was, as from now on it is barely even a ruined shell of what it once was.

What Nintendo want out of this title is to have a game that starts off similar to how the original Legend of Zelda game started off, with giving the player little-to-no information whatsoever. From there, the player is given complete and free reign to go wherever they choose to discover what has happened, what is going on, and what needs to be done.

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Breath of the Wild Trailer (E3 2016) from JexuActu

So far, there isn’t all that much revealed about the game, however, there is an official trailer released for the game and it shows Link with a variety of both weapons and armour; many of them we’ve never seen anything in the series before. From this, it’s relatively easy to gauge that there is going to be a much bigger focus on the variety of weapons and armour; all to go along with the new and sprawling open world setting this game is going for.

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Aesthetically, from the trailer we can gauge that it takes a giant page from Skyward Sword’s book, as the visuals tend to resemble that game almost exclusively in style. The new engine that has been designed exclusively for this game has the complete intentions to allow the game to look as incredibly stylised, bright, and vibrant as possible.

Overall, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is looking like a potentially great new entry to the Legend of Zelda franchise, but until we finally get a taste of what the game is really like in the hands of players, we won’t quite know what we’re exactly getting with this title. From what can be guessed so far, though is that the game has the full intentions to let the player be the driver of their own adventure and to play at their own pace in a beautiful and vibrant Hyrule 100 years into the future.

The game may have been delayed several times previously, but for fans all around the world, it’s the hope it is the last and final time, so they can be treated to the game they’ve been asking for a long time coming now.

A Full Hour of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gameplay – E3 2016 from IGN

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