Playstation Neo to Debut in September 2016?

PlayStation 4 Neo to be revealed next month?

PS4 Neo Reveal SOON?! – The Know

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The long awaited debut of the PlayStation Neo, an upgraded version of Sony’s current console, the Playstation 4, is almost over if the current reports are correct. According to a report on Games Radar, the new console will be revealed at a Sony press event in September 2016 in New York City.

The upcoming PS4 Neo is a considerably more powerful console than the current iteration and was announced in June 2016. The console’s beefed up capabilities are designed to accommodate the arrival of so-called Playstation VR, or virtual reality. In addition to the PS4 Neo, Sony is also due to release a Slim version of the current PlayStation 4, likely with a lower price point.
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According to the current reports, Sony has been handing out invitations for a special Sony event in September; the event will be held on September 7th which matches the dates provided by previous rumors. The invites have stated the event will take place at the PlayStation Theatre in New York City. This would coincide with rumors that the Playstation Neo will release alongside the VR device on October 13, 2016. Some have speculated that a reveal at the Tokyo Game Show would be more appropriate, but the New York City event invites hearken back to the unveiling of the Playstation 4 in February 2013. Also the timing of the event suggests it will follow Nintendo’s announcement of it’s new, code-named NX system in an effort to blunt any positive marketing that machine’s reveal may generate.

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