US Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Releases Federal Tax Returns

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton places renewed pressure on Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump to release his federal tax returns

Hillary Clinton releases 2015 tax returns from CNN

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released her 2015 federal tax returns, putting new pressure on rival Donald Trump to do the same, according to the BBC.
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Hillary Clinton and her spouse, former US President Bill Clinton, paid a 34.2% tax rate. Her Vice Presidential running mate, Tim Kaine, and his spouse paid a rate of 20.3%.

Donald Trump, with a fortune estimated at around $4-6 billion, has yet to release any of his tax returns.

Tax returns typically demonstrate a candidate’s wealth as well as their charitable contributions, among other things.

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Hillary Clinton’s tax returns showed:

  • Most of her income came from business ventures, such as consulting, speaking engagements, and book royalties resulting in $10.1 million in income for her and spouse Bill Clinton
  • Bill Clinton spent $500,000 in travel expenses and Hillary Clinton spent half that in order to facilitate their business engagements
  • Half of their deducations are charitable giving, with approximately $1 million going to the Clinton Foundation

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