Syrian Leader Assad Talks of the Opposition’s Imminent Defeat

Syrian Crest

Syrian National Crest

In comments made to Egyptian magazine Al-Ahram al-Araby, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad predicted defeat for Syria’s opposition’s groups but also said that the door to dialogue remained open.

An air strike on a fuel station in al-Riqqa in northern Syria killed 54 people or more on Thursday as the fighting in the civilly torn nation becomes increasingly violent and deadly.

When discussing U.N.-Arab League negotiator Lakhdar Brahimi’s mission to Syria, Assad said: “I want dialogue with the national opposition but those who choose arms have put themselves in confrontation with the Syrian Arab army.”

International response to Assad’s actions against his own people were swift: over 60 states and the Arab League met in The Hague, Netherlands to strengthen sanctions against Assad’s regime.