The Children Left Behind by the Greek Economic Crisis.

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The nation of Greece is alarmed by increasingly common stories of families abandoning their children due to poverty that stems from the economic crisis gripping the Mediterranean state.

The Greek economic crisis is putting an increasingly burdensome economic strain on low-income families. The Gasparinatos family put their children up for adoption after their lives had disintegrated because of lack of economic opportunities. This decision to put their children into the care of the state was not one taken lightly and, indeed, Theoharis Massaras, deputy mayor of Patras, a small town outside of the capital Athens, describes Mrs. Gasparinatos as being visibly distraught and desperate.


Greece is weathering its fifth year of recession and the economic effects of the prolonged retraction in economic activity is plunging ever more people into poverty. As the Greek state struggles to pay off massive and crippling sovereign debts, its people are suffering the consequences of years of mismanagement and the inevitable economic ruin it has wrought.


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